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My blog has been my constant companion throughout the past four years of performer's life and it is my favorite way to keep in touch with my audience around the globe. I hope you enjoy reading! 


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Posted 11/3/2019







Good evening everybody! <3 Seldom that I welcome you that late (usually it's "Good morning ;.)) but today I decided to upload my new vlog at night because it is the preferable time to watch YouTube videos for many of you, right?

I had a super productive day, so far. Last week I came back to my parents' to help them out a bit and since they went on vacations now I take care of the house... and have a long list of house work I like to do the upcoming week. I am not always so ambitious with house work (rather seldom...) but when I get into it, I really love it hehe! It was not that cold today, no rain and even with bits of sun so I also went for a power walk as I usually do whenever I am here - great to inhale some fresh autumn air in-between work!


In the vlog I show you parts of a "usual" day in Hamburg and also talk about my latest charity project for ARTISTS BEYOND BORDRRS, how I am involved, what I do, how you can also get involved and all details about how this project works. I hope you like to watch it, it is quiet long this time :-). The link to the charity sale is btw on top of this page as you can see!


Now I have some more computer work to do but I like to get it done now at night and continue my countryside life here tomorrow morning again! <3



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Posted 10/27/2019








Hi guys! Sunday's vlog is here, today a bit later than usual but we really slept in today haha! When I am in my creative bubble of song writing I often go to bed late, yesterday it was 3 am.... anyways, I feel fresh and productive today, nothing to complain at all!


In the video - which is the last one filmed on Langeoog island for this time - I talk a bit about why I look for certain places to get back to creative mode, to recharge and get a ton of inspiration. Nothing beats nature, in my opinion!

This week I have been back to Hamburg and next week I will stay here too but then I am going back to the countryside and my parents' house. They are going on holidays and I take care of the house.... will be great to focus once again on the creative work, I can do it best when I am at a calm place...

Now Ralf just made coffee for both if us so I'll join him and enjoy our Sunday's treat - coffee and biscuit :-). We do not have many weekend rituals but this is one! we love. During the week I / we rather crave sweets at all, but a sweet little treat once a week is just perfect! Have a nice day! <3







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Posted 10/22/2019







A classic of photoshoots: Towel series. Beside capturing b/w images, this time of year I really love to spend a day in a robe... so cosy!A classic of photoshoots: Towel series. Beside capturing b/w images, this time of year I really love to spend a day in a robe... so cosy!


Hi everybody! Some time ago we took these photos - the classic towel series, and it happened really spontaneous some day at a IBEROSTAR hotel when I had just returned from a spa day. No makeup, no styling, just a robe and a towel and a photographer (not to forget hehe- ) yes, I like it!

Now in autumn I am obsessed with snuggling in a cosy robe at home and spend the nights on the sofa, sometimes with some work to do on my computer in front of me and sometimes just to relax and watch some youtube videos. Can you relate to it?

I have a few bath robes, a classic white one of course and then two in blue which is nice to switch colors if you wear them as frequently as I do nowadays ;-).

Today I filmed a new vlog that will be edited soon, a new project to finally tell you details about, then I went to have my facial done (just an "ordinary" deep cleanse/moisturizing one, no fancy extras and of course no botox! ;-)) at Hamburg's East hotel (my fav place for this!) and afterwards continued some work and some hours cleaning as well. Nice day! I hope yours was as good!

I'll talk to you on Sunday when a new vlog goes live and I can add some more photos here.

If you're in the mood for some clothing shopping on a budget AND to support a good cause <3 I gladly welcome you to my current CHARITY CLOTHING SALES on my charity's ARTISTS BEYOND BORDERS page. We have a lot cool and mostly brand new items from size XS, S to M and L for women. But more about that soon! Kisses <3


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