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Posted 11/3/2019







Good evening everybody! <3 Seldom that I welcome you that late (usually it's "Good morning ;.)) but today I decided to upload my new vlog at night because it is the preferable time to watch YouTube videos for many of you, right?

I had a super productive day, so far. Last week I came back to my parents' to help them out a bit and since they went on vacations now I take care of the house... and have a long list of house work I like to do the upcoming week. I am not always so ambitious with house work (rather seldom...) but when I get into it, I really love it hehe! It was not that cold today, no rain and even with bits of sun so I also went for a power walk as I usually do whenever I am here - great to inhale some fresh autumn air in-between work!


In the vlog I show you parts of a "usual" day in Hamburg and also talk about my latest charity project for ARTISTS BEYOND BORDRRS, how I am involved, what I do, how you can also get involved and all details about how this project works. I hope you like to watch it, it is quiet long this time :-). The link to the charity sale is btw on top of this page as you can see!


Now I have some more computer work to do but I like to get it done now at night and continue my countryside life here tomorrow morning again! <3








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