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Posted 10/7/2019







...and more things about me that might surprise you!

I made another vlog (as every Sunday :-)) and this time just wanted to speak open about a rather serious topic - eco-friendly habits and what we can do to improve and save our planet a bit better. I think it is hard to speak about that in general or to act too instructive, so I decided to just tell you how I handle things personally... and why you won't impress me with a fancy car, hehe!

The true fun fact about that is actually, beside any eco aspect that I try to show awareness for today, that when I was a kid I went quiet often in a Porsche sports car and as kids don't look at status or price, all I can remember is that the Porsche was damn noisy and the backseat (where my brother and me sat) the most uncomfortable seat for a car ride. I had quiet a realistic look at that young age hehe and was the happiest person on earth to drive an old Volkswagen Golf after getting my driving license many years later!. Today I drive seldom and like public transportation in my day- to-day life... more about this and my big love for drinking tap water too in the video above!

I am still in my creative bubble (writing mode) but have two more videos from here to share with you.

I hope to get back to a more frequent blogging routine so that the blog feels again more like a diary...sharing my day-to-day happenings and thoughts with you loves! <3









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